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Regardless of the situation you're facing, you want an attorney who works hard to defend your case. The Law Office of Michael "Mike Sanch" Sanchez practices all types of criminal law and provides you with legal advice when you've been charged with a misdemeanor or felony. Attorney Sanchez focuses on:

He explores all your legal options to deliver the best outcome possible for your case. Call 210-400-0094 today to schedule a consultation with the Law Office of Michael "Mike Sanch" Sanchez in the Hondo, TX, Uvalde, TX and San Antonio, TX areas.


He works for the best possible outcome

Attorney Sanchez understands the range of emotions you'll go through when you're facing criminal charges. He also knows any charge can have a lasting effect on your life. His goal is to provide you with the legal defense you need to minimize the penalties.

Attorney Sanchez always has your best interests in mind while discussing your case and potential outcome. He'll help you navigate potential plea bargains and sentencing situations in an effort to reduce the charges being brought against you. Talk with attorney Sanchez today to discuss the best approach to your legal situation.

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No two cases are the same. Attorney Sanchez will talk with you about your specific case and the best approach based on your needs and charges. He gathers evidence to establish the defense your case requires. Contact the Law Office of Michael "Mike Sanch" Sanchez for a criminal defense attorney in South Texas.

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